That Boy…

  • Who will be the reason behind my every smile.
  • Who will give meanings to every words I say.
  • Who will become my melody in every song I make.
  • Who will patiently wait for me when I’m late on a date.
  • Who will hold my hand and never let it go.
  • Who will bring me to the shore to watch the setting of the sun.
  • Who will sing me my favorite songs.
  • Who will gently kiss me on the forehead.
  • Who will tell me that I am beautiful even if it’s a lie.
  • Who will try to love the things he hate just because I love it.
  • Who will do everything to make me laugh and happy.
  • Who will act like my big brother.
  • Who will be my best friend.
  • Who will accept me for who I am.
  • Who will never leave me.
  • And a boy… who will love me forever and hurt me never.

That boy…

I am waiting for that boy.


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