It’s time to say good bye, just be friends.

It’s because I am being addicted again to the song by Megurine Luka, I decided to draw the characters. I know they don’t look exactly like the original drawings but hey, I tried my best. :)

From hand drawings to outlining and coloring. I really, really tried my best. I spent almost 3 hours in coloring it. Tho I’m lazy, I still manage to finish the drawing and I am happy to say that I love the outcome. Patience is a virtue, they say! *u* Hay. I can finally rest and sleep! It’s almost 2am here and my eyes are heavy na. So Ciao, see you in dreamland. *wink*

P.S.  I only use a mouse in coloring the drawings. I also don’t have a scanner so I only took a picture of it. Huhu. Poor me. xD

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