I will make you a “Harana”.

I’m still awake though my body shouts that I need to sleep. I tried to close my eyes while sitting on a chair and feel if I am ready to lay down in bed. I feel sleepy but I am thinking something which is I don’t know, (yeah weird) so I took my sketch pad and my pencil instead. I thought of drawing a lady, a cartoon like or a portrait of someone but when I started sketching, my mind went blank again. So, I erased the first sketch I made.

Then I heard my sister strum the guitar and she began singing. I watched her play and I sang along with her. And that’s how the idea came of drawing her and the guitar.

She’s playing here ahm, I think ‘Little House’ by Amanda Seyfried, the OST of Dear John. I made the sketch (estimated time) for almost half an hour? I’m not sure coz I don’t really measure my time in making a drawing. I prefer to enjoy the things I am doing so that it’ll turn out good and natural. After that, she came up to me and saw the drawing I made. She said she’ll make it her DP in facebook. lol. Anyway, here’s she. See picture below.

Close ‘nuf? Hahaha. Si ciao, I’m sleepy now.


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