Graham-Marshmallow with some chocolates in the Oven.

I can’t think of a right title for this post. I just invented it.. and also the food. *laugh* so, my sister and I decided to go out the house just to buy anything and to walk to somewhere, actually that’s my main goal. But we end up buying grahams and marshmallow in the market. We also bought Zagu and a cracker coz we thought of walking home instead of riding a tricycle.

So, let me show what we did to the grahams and mallows. I don’t really know how to explain and elaborate all the procedures that we did but allow me to explain it trhu pictures, okay? I’m weak with words. Literally weak. xD

The grahams. You can also use any biscuits like wafer or cookies and etc. I just like grahams because it’s not that expensive for me. You can use the grahams without breaking them. (I mean, break. Yes break.. there are lines on a biscuit right? A guide to where you can break it) I just broke the grahams because it’s too long for me. (or if you don’t want the word break, let me use the words, cut.. or divide, whatever! Hahaha.)

And the marshmallow. I just dipped them in chocolate. Any chocolate powder or liquid will be okay. In this case, we used *insert product name here* powder that we also bought in the market. It only cost 9php per sachet. ;) yes, we were that cheap. ^^

The mallows on grahams, they are ready to be melted! but not that melt, you know. Coz It won’t melt and turn into a liquid gooey effect, only the inside. lolwhat? Hahaha. Hirap mag english, pero dapat magpractice. xD

And then, when you think the mallows are okay and fat enough (that’s my clue when the inside of the mallows are already melted) remove them out in the oven then put a graham over the mallow then pressss!!!!! And the finish products…. 

Medyo malagkit pero pwede nang pagtiyagan kapag gutom ka. xD


5 thoughts on “Graham-Marshmallow with some chocolates in the Oven.

  1. Looks yummy Rims! Alam ko may tawag diyan eh,yung smores yata? Basta marshmallow din siya. Hahaha! Good thing you have oven! :)

    1. Haha! Really? may tawag talaga? :D wow, edi nakatikim na pala ko nung smores na yun kung ito nga siya. hihihi. Yup, dala ni mama. second time nagamit. wala naman kasing ino-oven eh. :3

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