Srsly, this proves that time flies by soooo fast. I remember myself making a post about my idol I think, last month? But I’m wrong. It’s been almost 1 year since I made a post for her birthday and now, I am making one again. It sounds ridiculous but I fell in love with her at first sight. You really can’t blame me. Look at her. She’s gorgeous, talented, great actress of Thailand,  they’re very lucky to have her. And for sure, she’s the kind of girl every man is wishing for!

Moving on. I know she can’t read this and I don’t have any idea if she will see this post because of the number of fans she have right now, but I just wanted to make a post again for her. Do you know her? I’m sure you do. She’s the famous P’Nam of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love movie of Thailand. The ugly duckling, geeky girl who turned into a lovely swan. Sabi nila kamukha ko siya… yung madungis na P’Nam daw. Noon siguro oo, pero ngayon hindi na xD hahaha. 

Well, I just want to greet her here! Advance Happy Birthday to the one and only P’Nam of Shone (Mario Maurer) Tomorrow is her birthday and she’s turning 20! I wish I could meet her in person. And for other’s information, she’s the main reason why my blog was exposed to people. lol. whatever. basta ganun. Do you remember my post about her and the movie ACLTCL? Until now, it is the most popular post in my blog. It has I think.. 45 comments (mababaw lang kaligayahan ko eh xD) and 8 votes! Hmm.. The people also misinterpret my blog and thought that I was Baifern. Take a look at this.

Of course, I immediately made a reply and told them that her true name is Baifern Pimchanok and not Rizza Maruja. But until now, the post is still there. I dunno If they read my comment but ugh.. I dunno. I’m Kinda Happy but sad coz they don’t know the name of the actress of their “favorite” movie. :/ I also searched my name in Facebook and found this account and it has my name. lol.

See? Hahaha. I can’t stop laughing when I saw it.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me. But that’s the reason why I can’t forget this girl, really. If I were given a chance to be someone for one day, I’ll choose her. Wala lang. Para kasing ang perfect niya. Hmm.. Happy, Happy Birthday Fern! And more birthdays to come! :) Stay strong and awesome and pretty and lovely and humble as you are right now! สุขสันต์วันเกิด!!

From your number 0 fan,



10 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAIFERN! :))))

  1. nakatulog ako sa movie na dun. hirap sabayan eh., ewan ko if ako ang may tupak o talagang di xa panglalaki na film. hehe.

    ako super crush ko ngayon isang vietnamese artist. buti nga di artista, kundi depressed na ko sa kakaselos. hahaha. thanks to her, i got to appreciate her country and realized we havent given vietnam the attention. hehe. gotta visit there (coz itz so cheap to travel there) hehe

    1. Really? Hmm.. hulaan ko Kuya, siya yung nasa isa sa mga post mo no? Yung girl na magaling mag drawing? Tama ba me? Or mali? Hehehe. Wow! Ppunta ka ng Vietnam! Bongga! :3

      1. pranka talaga ako when it comes to films (or arts) basta if may film akong di ko nagustuhan, di ko talaga gusto. hehe. pero for sure it has some moments na sobra nyong na.enjoy. :D

        oo xa, xa xa! haha. tama ka dai! hehe. maganda yung kultura ng vietnam kasi, may historical significance at gastronomic heaven! matakaw ako eh. hehe. ngayon ko nga lang narealize sobrang mura pumunta dun. (pinaka)maliit kasi monetary value currency nila. hehe. sama ka?

        1. Oh kaya.. pero maganda naman yung movie ah? Di mo kasi tinapos eh. Haha.
          Ay sigee sasama ako! Libre mo Kuya? Sabi mo mura lang di ba? :D Hahaha. Bakit, magkano lang ticket dun? :O

          1. oo sama tayo pero, pero dapat magkasama tayo sa iisang bed, ayee (i’m dead). hmmp depende kasi sa promo at season yung ticket sa plane. kaya dapat agahan, pero sabi nila around 3-6k lang, malapit lang naman ang Vietnam satin.
            pero yung cost of living dun, swak na swak talaga. try natin pumunta next yr sa Mid-Autumn Festival nila kakatapos lang last month.
            cge mag.ipon kana. :)

            1. Ayyy! May ganon? hahaha. Pwede din po. Kaso, sakop ko yung bed xD paano ba yan… hahaha! Uy ang mura lang. Wow, sana makaipon ako. Pa dos dos kada araw, pwede na xD

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