Livestream for Suddenly It’s Magic.

The livestream/blogger’s conference is happening right now. And I can’t help myself from watching it tho I know Mario isn’t there. But I heard he’ll appear on screen too. lol. But to be honest, I am really, really, really, really reaallllyyy excited! I want to watch the movie na! I saw the trailer on YouTube already and I liked it! OMG. I can’t imagine Mario rapping like that. HA-HA. You wanna watch too? Here’s it.

You enjoyed it? Then good! I enjoyed it too! Mehehehe. And hey, take a peek at the livestream here! link: You might know something about the movie, you know. But waittt… here’s Mario! Lemme continue this blog later. Watch the livestream with me too! :)

 “Mario is a big star in Thailand, pero he’s so humble.” – Erich


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