Suddenly It’s Magic

Okay, so the bloggers conference was done. And I only jotted few questions to Mario and not so completed answer of him on my notepad. And I don’t think I have the right to post it here so I won’t.

I am just happy to know that the movie will be available in cinemas soon! It’s premiere will be on October 31 and I am now planning to save some money for me to watch the said movie. But of course, I want to watch it with my friends so I will encourage them too to save money for us to watch the movie together! The other reason is.. I heard that Baifern Pimchanok (one of the leading lady of Maurer in Thailand) will be in the movie too but until now, no one knows what will be her role. That’s why I need to watch it! And of course, it’s because I’m proud — being a filipino — for Erich to be able to be paired with Thailand’s Heartrhob, Mario Maurer.

Anyway, speaking of Baifern… we all know Baifern and Mario in the hit movie, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love right? The thing is, I want to see them again together in the wide screen. Until now, I am hoping for the prequel/sequel — or whatever you may call it– of ACLTCL, Nine Years Gone, they said. But for now, I will look forward to watch Suddenly It’s Magic! Let’s all watch it on Oct. 31, guys!


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