Srsly, this proves that time flies by soooo fast. I remember myself making a post about my idol I think, last month? But I’m wrong. It’s been almost 1 year since I made a post for her birthday and now, I am making one again. It sounds ridiculous but I fell in love with her at first sight. You really can’t blame me. Look at her. She’s gorgeous, talented, great actress of Thailand,  they’re very lucky to have her. And for sure, she’s the kind of girl every man is wishing for!

Moving on. I know she can’t read this and I don’t have any idea if she will see this post because of the number of fans she have right now, but I just wanted to make a post again for her. Do you know her? I’m sure you do. She’s the famous P’Nam of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love movie of Thailand. The ugly duckling, geeky girl who turned into a lovely swan. Sabi nila kamukha ko siya… yung madungis na P’Nam daw. Noon siguro oo, pero ngayon hindi na xD hahaha. 

Well, I just want to greet her here! Advance Happy Birthday to the one and only P’Nam of Shone (Mario Maurer) Tomorrow is her birthday and she’s turning 20! I wish I could meet her in person. And for other’s information, she’s the main reason why my blog was exposed to people. lol. whatever. basta ganun. Do you remember my post about her and the movie ACLTCL? Until now, it is the most popular post in my blog. It has I think.. 45 comments (mababaw lang kaligayahan ko eh xD) and 8 votes! Hmm.. The people also misinterpret my blog and thought that I was Baifern. Take a look at this.

Of course, I immediately made a reply and told them that her true name is Baifern Pimchanok and not Rizza Maruja. But until now, the post is still there. I dunno If they read my comment but ugh.. I dunno. I’m Kinda Happy but sad coz they don’t know the name of the actress of their “favorite” movie. :/ I also searched my name in Facebook and found this account and it has my name. lol.

See? Hahaha. I can’t stop laughing when I saw it.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me. But that’s the reason why I can’t forget this girl, really. If I were given a chance to be someone for one day, I’ll choose her. Wala lang. Para kasing ang perfect niya. Hmm.. Happy, Happy Birthday Fern! And more birthdays to come! :) Stay strong and awesome and pretty and lovely and humble as you are right now! สุขสันต์วันเกิด!!

From your number 0 fan,



Suddenly It’s Magic

Okay, so the bloggers conference was done. And I only jotted few questions to Mario and not so completed answer of him on my notepad. And I don’t think I have the right to post it here so I won’t.

I am just happy to know that the movie will be available in cinemas soon! It’s premiere will be on October 31 and I am now planning to save some money for me to watch the said movie. But of course, I want to watch it with my friends so I will encourage them too to save money for us to watch the movie together! The other reason is.. I heard that Baifern Pimchanok (one of the leading lady of Maurer in Thailand) will be in the movie too but until now, no one knows what will be her role. That’s why I need to watch it! And of course, it’s because I’m proud — being a filipino — for Erich to be able to be paired with Thailand’s Heartrhob, Mario Maurer.

Anyway, speaking of Baifern… we all know Baifern and Mario in the hit movie, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love right? The thing is, I want to see them again together in the wide screen. Until now, I am hoping for the prequel/sequel — or whatever you may call it– of ACLTCL, Nine Years Gone, they said. But for now, I will look forward to watch Suddenly It’s Magic! Let’s all watch it on Oct. 31, guys!

Livestream for Suddenly It’s Magic.

The livestream/blogger’s conference is happening right now. And I can’t help myself from watching it tho I know Mario isn’t there. But I heard he’ll appear on screen too. lol. But to be honest, I am really, really, really, really reaallllyyy excited! I want to watch the movie na! I saw the trailer on YouTube already and I liked it! OMG. I can’t imagine Mario rapping like that. HA-HA. You wanna watch too? Here’s it.

You enjoyed it? Then good! I enjoyed it too! Mehehehe. And hey, take a peek at the livestream here! link: http://chat.starcinema.com.ph/ You might know something about the movie, you know. But waittt… here’s Mario! Lemme continue this blog later. Watch the livestream with me too! :)

 “Mario is a big star in Thailand, pero he’s so humble.” – Erich

A2912 – Black&White

Adobe photoshop cs5.

A2812 – It’s just… I don’t know.

I just… wanted to be with you. Not with anyone else — but to be with you. I want to be your girl who sits next to you on an empty bench under the tree. I want to be the one who you share your earphones with; Who sing your favorite songs; Who you will give you a stomach ache while laughing; Who will cook your favorite meals; Who will be honest to you; Who will give you everything for your happiness. I want to be that girl to you. And most especially, a girl, who will love you forever and ever and will hurt you never.

Will you be my man?

Kailangan pa ba talagang magpa-ganda?

Wala kang time magpa-GANDA pero may time kang mag-BASA?

– Quoted from someone.

Mas importante ang kaalaman para sa akin kesa sa panlabas na anyo. Hanggang ngayon,  yan ang basehan ko  kapag nagkakaroon ako ng crush sa isang tao. Like now, hindi naman siya guwapo eh. Talagang bilib ako sa utak niya. Pero hindi ito tungkol sa kanya o sa akin. Tungkol ito sa..kung ano daw ang nagagawa kapag maganda/guwapo ka. Beauty is power daw e.

Pero tama din siguro yung iba.. Kailangan din ng mukha para makaharap ka with confidence sa mga tao. Sorry, hindi kasi ako ganon. As long alam kong kaya kong kumausap sa iba kahit na hindi nag-aayos, kakausapin ko. Pero dagdag points yung may “itsura” ka. You know what I mean.. yung “itsura” na hinahanap ng marami. Hindi na maipagkakaila yun. Kaya nga kapag panget ka, hindi ikaw ang bida. Pero ‘wag kang mag-alala. Wala naman daw pangit, yun ang sabi nila.

May narinig pa nga akong nagsabi, kapag maganda ka daw, walang imposible. Lahat pwede mong makuha, lahat pwede mong makontrol. For example, meron dalawang nag-o-offer ng kotse, isang panget, isang guwapo/maganda. Kanino ka titingin at makikinig? Sa guwapo/maganda hindi ba? Sabihin mong mali… hindi ako maniniwala sa iyo. Kasi kahit ako ganun din ang gagawin ko e. Alam mo na, attraction e. Isa pang example, kapag naghahanap ka ng trabaho, makikita mong isa sa qualifications eh.. “with pleasing personality” and etc na kaugnay sa hitsura. Kahit nga sales lady ka lang dapat sexy ka at naka-make up para daw maganda kapag humarap sa tao. See? appearance is everything. Maski sa lovelife, aminin mo.. guwapo/maganda ang hanap mo. huwag mo nang ipagkaila, naisip ko na din yan. Pero siyempre, dahil hindi ako belong sa mga taong matataas ang antas ng hitsura, e hindi na ako umaasa.

Pero aanhin ko ang mukha? May tatanggap naman sa akin sa trabaho. May mukha ka nga, tanga ka naman. Anong mapapala mo? NGA-NGA. At aanhin ko ang mukha? Alam ko naman na makakahanap ako ng taong hindi tumitingin sa panlabas na anyo at tatanggapin ako kung ano ako. 

On the Way…

They said they’re cute *u*

They said it’s cute. So I posted them here too. :) Can you name the chibi characters in the drawings? Mehehe. Sorry, i’m not that good in copying faces and etc. I just made it for the project of my sister in Physics.

Anyway, this is just an update. I feel sad and down in the past few days. Some problems… mind problems xD Ciao!

Something cheap. You just need to be creative. ;)

Why to spend a lot if you can have it at a low cost? Who says you need to draw out lots of money just to have a good looking, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering food? Come on! You just need to be creative for your dish to look good! ☺

So, we had a lunch of course, and the pictures above were what we ate. Some scramble-rolled egg (or omelet to others), fish ball, and petchay for only less than Php 50! See? You can now have a sumptuous viand! Mehehe. oemgeee. My blog is turning into a food blog now. O.o

Sweets *u*

THIS DAY IS ONE OF THE BEST! Sumabit ako sa jeep! Hahaha. Anyway, like the sweets? I actually craved for sweets today so I bought some at the mall earlier. Tbh, I just bought them because I want to take a picture of sweets. Fuhaha.