A sudden nostalgia

2012-08-25 20:49 repost from my tumblr accnt.

She was my best friend — Our best friend.

Her smile, her laugh. Her hand writing and  everything — it’s still in my memory. I tried to forget her (not literally, maybe the feelings.. uhuh) but I couldn’t.

This morning, I, again, heard her voice calling my name. I saw her smile at the back of my mind. It’s.. still the same, just like before. The same old smile she used to wear in front of us. I closed my eyes, remembering how she looks; Her cheerful and tantalizing eyes. Her pointed and beautiful nose. Her curly hair (she loves to curl it). And the way she sits, stands, and everything. Even her candle-shaped fingers touching my hair, I can still recall. Sigh, I really do miss her a lot.

I still remember that night. It’s just a typical night for me. But it’s the most unforgettable. The night that I never thought would happen. The night when I last saw her strong.

She’s not sick and definitely don’t have a serious illness or whatsoever. She just happened to be in a coma (but not exactly) because of an accident that night that I’m talking about and I think it’s my fault. Yeah, it was my fault… To be honest, I am awake that time. But didn’t even help her. It’s just.. Ugh, I can’t explain. I really can’t.

Nobody knew about this. It’s only me, myself and I. And now, you.

She stayed in the hospital for a month or two or three, or four… I can’t remember.. It’s been almost two years now. I won’t elaborate more. But you’ll get the idea. She suffered. She fought. She was in pain. And then, she left us. She went up there and.. She died. And I died, too — emotionally.

Oh, how I hate being nostalgic.

 And her name was Flora. And I miss her so much…

I miss you, lola


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