A2712 – Just Be Friends

This is my current DP and Cover photo in my FB account. Hey, that’s my real name over there! And my location, too. Haha! I already posted this in my Tumblr account but since I don’t have anything to post here (sorry worpy, I’ve been busy you know. lol) So yeah, I thought of posting this here, too. I had a trouble cropping the picture to be my DP. Haha! I hate measurements. But love numbers.. Hmm…

“Just Be Friends..” I decided to put that phrase or words or whatever you call it Β in the drawing because I wanted to. But kidding aside, I don’t know. I just want to include it on the drawing. And.. my handwriting sucks, right? It looks like a hand writing of a grade one pupil. Ahm, I made this drawing yesterday night because I was bored. My brother was using AYS and I got lazy reading the books I bought yesterday so I took my pencil and my sketch pad. And ta-duh! My pencil case was missing.. Huhuhu. :P (random xD)

Anyway, here’s the original drawing! It looks kinda dirty. Hihi

So worpy! Sorry for neglecting you, I can’t promise to update you every day because of my busy schedule. (weh?) So sayonara! ;)


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