Death Bell 1 & 2

The film is set in a high school, where an elite group of twenty students—including rebellious heroine Kang Yi-na, her timid best friend Yoon Myong-hyo, and her suitor Kang Hyeon—are taking a special class for their college entrance exam. 

After Kang Yi-na is nearly strangled and another student throttled in the restroom, the classroom TV screen switches to an image of top-ranking student Hye-yeong trapped inside a fish tank that is slowly filling with water. A disembodied voice announces that her life depends on the exam questions he will set for them, and that a student will die for every question the class gets wrong.

Trapped with the students are head teacher Hwang Chan-wook and English teacher Choi So-yeong. Yi-na realizes that the students are being killed in order of their rank in the class, and she is ranked fifth. Someone is slowly killing the students one by one, but who are they? And what do they want?

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Before I start, I would like to say that the girl above (creepy girl) looks like Sophia. The girl I draw and the antagonist in September Night (My story in Wattpad) Hoho.

Let’s begiiiin~ My sister and I watched this yesterday night. We were surfing the net and hoping to find good movies to watch and suddenly she remembered that one of her classmates said that we should watch Death Bell because the movie is good. And yeah, I agree!

At first, the setting (plot, or whatever they call it) is the same with Battle Royale which selected students can’t leave the place or else, they die. But as I continue to watch it, the story became like SAW. You know, doing brutal to the victims. The difference is just, there is one question to answer and luckily if you solve it, the victim won’t die. But actually, it is a riddle to solve. Oh, you must watch in order to understand what I’m saying. Ha-ha! And oh, the killing is in order. They kill the student according to his/her rank in school.

Ratings: 8/10 stars! If you’re planning to watch a suspense movie and kinda mystery, better watch Death Bell! You’ll surely enjoy! ☺ And ahuh! As the title says, there’s number 2! Let’s move on…

Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp is the same as Death Bell 1 except that in this movie, the victims aren’t killed by rank. Oh here’s the plot. I’m too lazy to make kuwento xD

In South Korea, the high school student and swimmer Jeong Tae-yeon (Yoon Seung Ah) is found dead in the pool, which is found as a suicide. Two years later, teacher Park Eun-su (Hwang Jung Eum) joins the high school where Tae-yeon’s stepsister Lee Se-hui (Park Ji-yeon) is haunted by nightmarish visions and is bullied by the student Eom Ji-yun (Choi Ah-jin).

Eun-su finds it difficult to get respect in the classroom and is backed up by an older teacher, Cha (Kim Su-ro). Se-hui and her classmates are selected for an elite “study camp” held at the school during the summer break where 30 students study for their university entrance exams. The school’s swimming trainer is murdered in the showers, and the words “When an innocent mother is killed, what son would not avenge her death?” found scrawled on a blackboard. A voice warns the students that they’ll all be killed unless they can answer who is the murderer and why. The students and teachers find they’re locked in the school when more deaths begin to happen.

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Unlike Death Bell 1, Death Bell 2 is more brutal. And TAK GU (Yoon Shi Yoon) is there! That’s why i love it. Hahaha.

You’ll get the story at the first scene already but you’ll be confused at the end. Kinda.. I got confused eh *laughs* like what’s the motive of the killer? And so on…

Anyway, Ratings: 9/10 stars! You must watch if you haven’t yet! ☺





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