Bhessy’s Drawing

Hi Worpy! It’s been a while I guess. Forgive me, because I’m too busy with my work. Yes,  I have now work! I’m a real human na. lol. But hey, I still want to work in a coffee shop as a waitress or as a singer there. To tell you the truth, that’s my dream job… a part time job while studying in a University. Oooh, that would be lovely. Anyway, I have here two drawings! These are not mine tho. It’s my bhessy’s drawing. I just need it here because it’s cool. :)

One Piece. Can you name the characters? :)

Guess who? Yeah. It’s Ichigo from Bleach *u*

Soooo Worpy? Does she have a talent too like me? Hehe. Ciao Worpy! I need to go. ‘Til next time! :)


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