A2612 – Without Light, life would be Dark. ^__^

I made a drawing of L. And of course, I did Light, too. (coz My sister requested it but even though she did not, I’ll still make a drawing of Light. ^^) As I’ve said in my previous post, he’s the one I liked first before L. By the way, I’m sorry if the drawings aren’t that good, okay? They don’t look like as the original looks of the characters but I did my best to copy their faces and looks. Ugh. Whatever. ^^ By the way, I have an old drawing of Light then I transferred it to my Laptop and then colored it in Photoshop. Here’s the original drawing!

as you can see, the original drawing has L in it but I decided to ERASE him because he doesn’t look like L in there. Right?

And hey, I combined my first drawing to the second one. And it looks like this!

Tadaaah! I really, really like it and I made it my Desktop wallpaper! Ha-Ha-ha! I’m so proud of myself *wipe tears* This is my first time that I felt proud of the drawings I made. Thanks God for giving me this GIFT.

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