Male Anime Character Crush #7

Dennis/Kurama from “YuYu Hakusho” (Ghost Fighter as an English Title) is a Class A Demon. His powers are based on plants. He has the ability to create demonic plants, razor sharp petals, leaf swords, flower bombs and so on. He can also use his power for practical purposes. Like Eugene he has the ability to transform into a much stronger form, Youko (demon wolf).

He’s my Anime Character Crush number 7! Uhm, okay, so I don’t know to what to say anymore. Ehem, Hi Worpy! Long time no see. Sorry for not posting here for too long. I’ve been thinking about my birthday which was yesterday so yeah… and to be honest, I did enjoy my day with my closest friends but I am not that happy. I don’t know why (as usual) and so until now, I feel down. Many things happened and I don’t want to say it all here. Its just, I’m a bit disappointed coz I haven’t got the chance to see one of my closest friends yesterday and didn’t receive a text from her saying greetings to me because it’s my day yesterday nga and my bhez and bhessy went home early so the time we spent wasn’t that long and yeah… *sigh* But there’s still some good news and I am really looking forward for it to happen but as I say, I’m sad now. Sooooo, til next post Worpy! Sayonara.


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