Male Anime Character Crush #6

Ichinose Ren“The male school idol who is basically good at everything and plays the role of main male protagonist. He likes to keep himself isolated from most students and is admired by all of the female populous as a result. He has a close group of friends which are male however the story gives the impression most other male students are jealous of his position. He also has a strong passion for mathematics. Although he has a girlfriend, Mayuka, who is older than he is, Ren tends to lose his guard around Ninako. He only later on realizes his feelings for Ninako, but tries to forget about her by distancing himself for Mayuka’s sake. In the end, Mayuka breaks up with him because she realized his feelings toward Ninako and that she treats work more important than love. Ren’s feelings toward Ninako grows stronger, eventually making him unable to hide it any longer.”

He’s my favorite male anime character number 6. Simply because he’s just so mysterious in the Manga. Aside from Mabuchi Kou (another manga character drawn by the same illustrator of Strobe Edge: Io Sakisaka. The manga is entitled “Ao Haru Ride”) I like the character of Ichinose Ren (I chose Ichinose Ren instead of Kou because I haven’t read Ao Haru Ride til the end). If you haven’t read Strobe Edge, read here. You’ll never regret! The story was good.

(c) info: google (coz I’m lazy to explain, you know ^^) drawing by: yours truly ;)

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