Well, I’m excited! You’re one of a lucky girl, Erich! And hey, they have chemistry, right? Yeee. And I also heard that Baifern Pimchanok, (previous leading lady of Maurer in one of the epic film of Thailand, First Love *A Crazy Little Thing Called Love*) will have a special guesting in the movie, too! Oh wow, I am really looking forward to watch this movie! ^^


Drama Princess Erich Gonzales portrays a pastry chef in Suddenly It’s Magic with Thai actor Mario Maurer (A Little Thing Called Love).

With their cross-national love team starrer in the works, Filipina actress Erich Gonzales and Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer met again in Bangkok for the story conference of their movie with the working title “Suddenly It’s Magic.”

Gonzales and Maurer, who first met when he visited the Philippines in October 2011, shared the first details of their upcoming film project directed by Rory Quintos.

“Magic” tells the story of a romantically jaded Filipina baker who is changed when she meets a Thai superstar who visits the Philippines to escape from his busy career.

“My character here, I own a bakeshop. I’m actually a pastry chef. I just got out of a bad relationship that’s why I became a little jaded or bitter when it comes to love…

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