A2412 – A Flower Girl

Why flower girl? I dunno. Coz she have flowers? lol.

Mongol#2 and a clean, scratch paper.

Anyway, this is the original photo. Since I don’t have a scanner (I have but it doesn’t work) I took a picture of it instead.  I decided to adjust the contrast and the brightness, opacity and whatever chuchu in Photoshop so the result is like this.

Yes, it’s kinda more soft to look at and it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Haha. I doubted If I’m gonna color it or keep it like that. But because I love to experiment, and I can still undo the actions I’m gonna make, I colored it. ONE BY ONE.

I started coloring the leaves, then the flowers, the hair, face, skin, and the background coz I’m afraid I might ruin it more. The result is, It looks dirty for me. Failed, but my sister said that it’s okay so I decided to leave it like that. Well for me, I prefer the uncolored one. Whatyathink?


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