Well, it’s raining tonight.

People are singing outside, drinking bear and partying. Expressing their loneliness in this kind of way. It’s bothering me, though I am enjoying the sounds that are coming from the two large speakers outside their garage. I can see it from here. it’s big, black and the volume is on its 100. They were, ahm, I think 5 people on the table. I’m not sure. I don’t know and I don’t care.

The rain started pouring softly. It’s not that heavy nor not that light. It’s.. let me say, it calms me and makes me wanna touch the bed already. Say, I enjoyed the rain today. Oftentimes, I hate the feeling when the weather is rainy. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I liked the rain today. I enjoyed watching every drops that the clouds made while making some random drawing that will be posted here tomorrow or the other day. I also caught myself smiling while looking outside the window. Anyway, my bed is now calling me. But I’m not that sleepy. I shouldn’t be. I still have something to do… tho I’m not sure what will it be. A drawing? A poem? A story? What?

The rain started to be wild. I, now, hate the sound of it. It’s getting noisy and I can’t seem to focus on what am typing. Should I continue to type? Hmm.. I don’t have anything to say anymore, so I think I should stop.. So good night. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams!


Male Anime Character Crush #3

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edugawa. He’s my Male anime aharacter crush number 3! Don’t ask why, you know the reason already! If you watched Detective Conan — Live action or anime series, you’ll know why. He’s cool, smart, cool, smart and omg he’s cool! Hahaha. Shinichi is a fairly famous high school detective who frequently helps the Tokyo police solve murder mysteries.

The name Conan Edogawa that he used when he became a child were from Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo and pretends to be a distant relative of Agasa’s, who places Conan in Ran’s care. Ran’s father Kogoro Mouri owns a Detective Agency, which may allow Conan to run into a case involving the Black Organization. In the meantime, to protect his identity he is forced to play the part of a first-grader, including enrolling as a student at Teitan Elementary.

How did he became Conan? Well, you must watch it if you haven’t to know how! Hihi :3

Male Anime Character Crush #2

Syaoran Lee (李 小狼 Ri Shaoran?, Chinese Pinyin: Lǐ Xiǎoláng) is the supporting character and a distant relative of Clow Reed, the creator of the Clow Cards. As such, he believes that he should be the one to inherit the Clow Cards and tries to capture the cards for himself. As the series progresses, Syaoran comes to respect Sakura and becomes her friend and ally. He eventually falls in love with her, though she is slow to realize it due to her own feelings for Yukito.

In the English Cardcaptors adaptation, he is renamed to “Li Showron” and he is introduced in the first episode, as the male lead. He is also called a “Cardcaptor,” despite his not being chosen by Kero as such. Another incarnation of the character appears as the protagonist of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, another manga series by Clamp.

In the anime, Syaoran has a crush on Yukito. Only later, at the beginning of the third season of the “Cardcaptor” series, does Syaoran begin to fall in love with Sakura, and make his feelings visible to viewers. In the manga, Syaoran begins to develop feelings for Sakura around the time of the Erase card’s capture. After Yukito rejects Sakura’s feelings, Syaoran comforts her and Sakura slowly reciprocates his feelings. Near the second-half of the series, Syaoran confesses his feelings to Sakura. With Sakura now undisputed master of the cards, he decides to return to Hong Kong. At the end of the series, he returns from Hong Kong a few months later to reunite with Sakura. In the anime adaptation, Syaoran manages to catch several cards by playing a major role in helping Sakura seal them. He is allowed to attempt the final judgment but fails. Syaoran is shown to have similar powers to Sakura, such as sensing Clow Cards and magical auras, is a skilled martial artist, and wields a sword which he can use to cast spells when equipped with incantation papers. He can also use a device dubbed a “lasenboard” in Cardcaptors, which can detect and direct him to magical entities.

Well, all information stated on this post is from Google. Thank you, bro. lol. I was just lazy to explain everything to you, who he is so I researched him instead and thanks to pareng Google. To tell you the truth, he was supposed to be my number 1! But unfortunately, I made the first drawing of Mitsui so I made him my number 1. I so so so so so so miss him (lee shaoran) to see in TV moving! So after I make this post, I’m going to watch again for the nth time the CCS, or Tsubasa? coz I didn’t watch it yet.

All drawings, posted in this post was made by yours truly. The first and second drawing, was made 2 years ago. And the last drawing was made yesterday. Oh Shaoran, I miss you ♥ And I forgot to tell you, they’re my favorite anime couple! I missed jotting down the name of the Clow cards every time the anime plays on TV. ^___^

Male Anime Character Crush #1

Because I love Hasahi Mitsui of Slam Dunk and the  number 14 ♥

He’s one of my favorite anime character! I love his bad boy type attitude in Slam Dunk plus the fact that he’s a shooting guard and his jersey number is 14, just like my Amiere! lol! I don’t like much basketball but I love this anime, Slam Dunk. <3 The big drawing, it looks like Zendo but for me it’s Mitsui! hahaha.

Next: Lee Shaoran

Just featuring a random drawing of my sister.

And yeah, it was her drawing. OoooooooOoOoOOooh, I miss this way of drawing! I used to draw like this too when I’m still in grade school and you can see (I’m gonna post my old drawings but I dunno when) at the back of my old notebooks, there’s a lot of drawings like this too! Mostly couples like this. I was such a hopeless romantic since I was in grade school ,until now, and I don’t know why. :) This is the basic in drawing a Manga/Anime or whatever you call it, for me. I dunno why, well I think people has a lot and different ways and eyes in drawing! :)

Anyways Worpy! I’m trying my best to update you and share my thoughts in blogging and posting some interesting (if that’s the right term but I think not because it’s only interesting for me haha) things! So Ciao. /I’m such a random person. lol


Just an update.

I’m not in the mood.. This picture is from last, last day(?) Not sure when.. I just feel dizzy and dreary today. I’m sick. I have cough and cold. My premolars, both left and right are now gone. We also went to Guadalupe and we need to be back there on Saturday. This post is just an update. Until now I’m not yet done with the artworks I planned to do. Supposedly, it will be posted here by this week but I think It’ll be moved due to my busy schedule. (wow lang ah). And yeah before I forgot, it’s Lei dudE’s birthday tomorrow! We made plans. And she’s gonna be here to celebrate her birthday with me! <3 I’m excited!

Well, I’m excited! You’re one of a lucky girl, Erich! And hey, they have chemistry, right? Yeee. And I also heard that Baifern Pimchanok, (previous leading lady of Maurer in one of the epic film of Thailand, First Love *A Crazy Little Thing Called Love*) will have a special guesting in the movie, too! Oh wow, I am really looking forward to watch this movie! ^^


Drama Princess Erich Gonzales portrays a pastry chef in Suddenly It’s Magic with Thai actor Mario Maurer (A Little Thing Called Love).

With their cross-national love team starrer in the works, Filipina actress Erich Gonzales and Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer met again in Bangkok for the story conference of their movie with the working title “Suddenly It’s Magic.”

Gonzales and Maurer, who first met when he visited the Philippines in October 2011, shared the first details of their upcoming film project directed by Rory Quintos.

“Magic” tells the story of a romantically jaded Filipina baker who is changed when she meets a Thai superstar who visits the Philippines to escape from his busy career.

“My character here, I own a bakeshop. I’m actually a pastry chef. I just got out of a bad relationship that’s why I became a little jaded or bitter when it comes to love…

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OMG. This! Well, I already knew the difference but hey, I want to be BOTH. ^^


Great illustration project about the differences between copywriters and art directors by CW Versus AD.

An art director oversees the art, photographs and drawn images, that appear in newspapers, magazines, ad campaigns and on book covers. An art director is usually the person who oversees the entire design department to coordinate what images will match up with what words.

A copywriter hammers out the words that sell, promote, educate and inform. This means a great copywriter is gifted in the craft of writing hard-hitting words. These are the words that sell all types of products and services. These words also inform and educate.

A picture is worth a thousand words.Napoleon Bonaparte

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.Buddha

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Want VS Need
Perfect minimal world
Oh, Hi! (cartoons)
Stuff no one told us

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A2412 – A Flower Girl

Why flower girl? I dunno. Coz she have flowers? lol.

Mongol#2 and a clean, scratch paper.

Anyway, this is the original photo. Since I don’t have a scanner (I have but it doesn’t work) I took a picture of it instead.  I decided to adjust the contrast and the brightness, opacity and whatever chuchu in Photoshop so the result is like this.

Yes, it’s kinda more soft to look at and it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Haha. I doubted If I’m gonna color it or keep it like that. But because I love to experiment, and I can still undo the actions I’m gonna make, I colored it. ONE BY ONE.

I started coloring the leaves, then the flowers, the hair, face, skin, and the background coz I’m afraid I might ruin it more. The result is, It looks dirty for me. Failed, but my sister said that it’s okay so I decided to leave it like that. Well for me, I prefer the uncolored one. Whatyathink?

A2312 – Staring While Smiling.

I miss sitting next to you, secretly watching you while our prof’s discussing in front. I miss staring at your long eyelashes and cute little nose. I miss your way of writing, I miss the feeling when my arms accidentally touched yours — the feeling of getting a static. I miss pretending that I can’t sight the words on the white board so that I can have the opportunity to look at your notes. I miss being beside you. These things, they makes me happy — wait, it MADE me happy. Coz now, it has ended. No more staring at you, no more sitting beside you, no more copying of your notes. No more all of this.