Header/Banner for my Tumblog.

Yey! I just made a new header for my tumblog and I found it cool. No not that cool but for me, it’s kinda girly but cool. Gets? Nyah. Hahaha. Anyway, the first photo is the original drawing and I decided to edit it in photoshop. Erased some of the edges then I used white gradient to fill up the sides of the picture. I also used “smart sharpen” and used the advance setting of it.

And tahduh! It’s perfect for my tumblog! Yay! :3 I also wanted to make this as a header here but unfortunately, I can’t customize this theme. I am not a pro user of WordPress and I can’t afford $18 per year because I don’t have job so yeah, sad. Haha. And also, I’m contented with what my worpy blog looks like and I think “rizzamaruja.com” is just uhhh, too formal. I don’t want to have my own domain, too. I’m just happy having “wordpress” in my URL. hihi :3


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