A2112 – Orange Marmalade~

Hi Worpy! It’s been so long, huh? Anyway, I have here an art blog entry. Do you know this manga? If you do, then you know why I am fond of reading this! Hihi, anyway, this is Baek Ma Ri and Jae Min of Orange Marmalade. I really like this story. It’s about a young vampire school girl trying to live normally. But she met this school heartthrob, Jae Min and accidentally, she bit his neck. And that’s how the story begin.

Hihihi, anyway, this is the colored version of the drawing above.

I did this for almost two hours coz I really fuckin don’t know what to do about the coloring so I spent my time staring at the monitor, and I admit, they didn’t look like very similar to the original drawing(characters) but you can still recognize them. Hahaha. I used only MOUSE! I don’t have pen and tablet so yeah. Ang sakit sa kamay. deym. I did the coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Still practicing, though.

Erm, So, do I have talent in coloring in photoshop? ;)


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