New Road to Take

I am now a graduate of a 2 year course, Computer System Design and Programming, and I am proud of having the chance to stepped on that stage, making my parents and guardians so proud, and making myself happy fulfilling my most awaited dream. My time of being a student is finally over. But wait, that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop learning. I’ll continue to learn no matter what, and I believe that this is the initial step towards the “real life”. From now on, I think I should be more serious and be more mature.  But my childish manner will always remain in me.

I had the best 2 years in my life in that school. Meeting so many random people and making friends are the things I am going to miss. I will miss my professors, who always give me some fighting spirits and giving me enough courage to do the things they know I can do. I’ll miss my co-students who gave their best until we all reached the same goal and until we all stepped on the stage of success today. I’ll miss my classmates, my friends and all the stupid things we have shared to each and every one in the four-cornered-air-conditioned-room. I also said once to myself that I don’t want this to end yet, yet… I know sooner or later, we’ll say our farewells, too.

I am now taking the new road for a better life and successful future. And may our God Almighty, help me/us from what plans I am/we are going to do soon.


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