Header/Banner for my Tumblog.

Yey! I just made a new header for my tumblog and I found it cool. No not that cool but for me, it’s kinda girly but cool. Gets? Nyah. Hahaha. Anyway, the first photo is the original drawing and I decided to edit it in photoshop. Erased some of the edges then I used white gradient to fill up the sides of the picture. I also used “smart sharpen” and used the advance setting of it.

And tahduh! It’s perfect for my tumblog! Yay! :3 I also wanted to make this as a header here but unfortunately, I can’t customize this theme. I am not a pro user of WordPress and I can’t afford $18 per year because I don’t have job so yeah, sad. Haha. And also, I’m contented with what my worpy blog looks like and I think “rizzamaruja.com” is just uhhh, too formal. I don’t want to have my own domain, too. I’m just happy having “wordpress” in my URL. hihi :3


A2112 – Orange Marmalade~

Hi Worpy! It’s been so long, huh? Anyway, I have here an art blog entry. Do you know this manga? If you do, then you know why I am fond of reading this! Hihi, anyway, this is Baek Ma Ri and Jae Min of Orange Marmalade. I really like this story. It’s about a young vampire school girl trying to live normally. But she met this school heartthrob, Jae Min and accidentally, she bit his neck. And that’s how the story begin.

Hihihi, anyway, this is the colored version of the drawing above.

I did this for almost two hours coz I really fuckin don’t know what to do about the coloring so I spent my time staring at the monitor, and I admit, they didn’t look like very similar to the original drawing(characters) but you can still recognize them. Hahaha. I used only MOUSE! I don’t have pen and tablet so yeah. Ang sakit sa kamay. deym. I did the coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Still practicing, though.

Erm, So, do I have talent in coloring in photoshop? ;)

Last week’s photos

Went to Dr. Oye’s Place to have our braces! Yey! Then had a photo shoot at her rooftop! Hihihi :3 Say hi to my cousin (wearing white shirt) and my sister (wearing pink top) and also to my big face. Nyahaha. ^^ and yes, I filtered the photos.


Sana ako na lang.

Sana ako na lang… Ako na lang sana.

Dumating ka din ba sa point na nasabi mo yan sa sarili mo? Na sana ikaw na lang yung kasama niya… Na sana ikaw na lang yung yakap yakap niya. Ang sakit ano? Palagi mong tanong sa sarili mo…

Anong meron sa kanya na wala ako?

Bakit siya at hindi ako?

Punong puno ka ng insecurities sa katawan.

Pero naisip mo ba na… may isang tao din na nagsasabi sa iyo niyan? Na sana siya na lang… Yung minamahal mo. Yung iniisip mo. Yung iniiyakan mo. Sana siya na lang… Yung taong gusto mong makasama habang buhay.

And tadhana nga naman ano? kung sino pa yung taong mahal mo eh hindi ka naman mahal. Tapos yung taong hindi mo akalaing mamahalin ka eh siya pa pala yung nagmamahal sa iyo ng lubos.

Pareho kayong nasasaktan. Ikaw nang dahil sa kanya, siya naman.. ng dahil sa iyo. Naisip mo ba yun? Na merong isang taong, palihim ka din na minamahal?

Sana naisip mo, na hindi lang ikaw ang nasasaktan… na hindi lang ikaw ang nagmamahal. Merong isang tao, na gusto ko din makasama panghabang buhay.

Photos From Yesterday and Today

Played guitar last night and yes, that was my breakfast a while ago. Still I’m not in the mood to eat because my teeth are hurting every time I try to chew. Haay life. Anyway, it’s been a while huh? I miss you Worpy! Hihi. Will update you, soon! Promise ♥ So, bye bye! Will go somewhere. :3

I’m Already Missing These People ♥

The people in the photos are awesome! They are the greatest friends I’ve ever met inside the campus! I super miss you guys! :* See you when I see you! :*

<3 Forever in my Heart *u*

New Road to Take

I am now a graduate of a 2 year course, Computer System Design and Programming, and I am proud of having the chance to stepped on that stage, making my parents and guardians so proud, and making myself happy fulfilling my most awaited dream. My time of being a student is finally over. But wait, that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop learning. I’ll continue to learn no matter what, and I believe that this is the initial step towards the “real life”. From now on, I think I should be more serious and be more mature.  But my childish manner will always remain in me.

I had the best 2 years in my life in that school. Meeting so many random people and making friends are the things I am going to miss. I will miss my professors, who always give me some fighting spirits and giving me enough courage to do the things they know I can do. I’ll miss my co-students who gave their best until we all reached the same goal and until we all stepped on the stage of success today. I’ll miss my classmates, my friends and all the stupid things we have shared to each and every one in the four-cornered-air-conditioned-room. I also said once to myself that I don’t want this to end yet, yet… I know sooner or later, we’ll say our farewells, too.

I am now taking the new road for a better life and successful future. And may our God Almighty, help me/us from what plans I am/we are going to do soon.

An Invisible Red Thread

An invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet. Ragardless of time, place or circumstances,.. The thread may be stretch or tangled. But it’ll never break.



“Freedom is the capability and ability to remain true to yourself and those around you without fears not tears for prejudice nor politics”. – Abhishek Shah

A2012 – Cute Couple

I want a partner that will actually play with me all the time.. Tell some jokes just to make me laugh. Do silly things together with me. I’ll pinch his cheeks and he’ll ruin my hair. But none of us will get mad… I want a partner like this.