Happy 47th Birthday Mama! :)

Mama, you can’t read this. :) But I want the world to know how lucky I am to have you in my life as a mother.

We may not be together always and we may not see each other every minute but I always remember her. Even though we can’t celebrate her birthday together, and can’t eat the foods she wants to eat today, our heart will be always longing for her.

She’s smiling, She’s cheerful, She’s energetic, but I know, even if She’s not showing it and not even saying it, She still have problems that She don’t want to share to us. It’s okay… :) Coz I know she’s strong. She can handle it… :) God is with US.

Thank you for being a mother and a  father  to us at the same time. Your sacrifice, your sadness, your sufferings… It’ll end, SOON. Just be stronger. Someday, I’m gonna repay you for what you have given to us. I’m sorry for giving you disappointments and worries sometimes.. :)

We don’t have gifts to send to you over there. We don’t have enough time to spend with…but we LOVE YOU mama! Always, and forever. <3 Happy Birthday!


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