A1512 – Sunset

A good night drawing ;) 1 hour of painting using Project DogWaffle, and yes, I’m still learing. Hihihi :)

I want a pen and a tablet. </3 Hirap kasi kapag mouse lang. Huhuhu


A1412 – Wall Painting.

Made this on my wall! I love it. And it’s an autumn tree. I lololooooove autumn! :) And oh, I saw him today. *u* Good Vibes! Hehehe.


Look how old my watercolor is! Hahaha. It’s more than my age, I guess. My cousin used it before me~ :-P

A1312 – Sketches.

I have nothing to do earlier so I drew these instead. I’d love to put some colors on the first drawing but I got lazy for the nth time! haha. By the way, I love the second drawing. :) It reminds me of my childhood friends… I miss AIRS club. Tho we’re four in the group. Actually, this is not what I planned to do but hmm… It’s kinda okay for me. ;)

A Day With Them. ♥

Happy Birthday Ate Seth! ;)

Byie! *u*

Ang cute ko kasi dito kaya BYE na! Hahahaha. :) GV people! *u* Off to school. Byeeeee.

New Header in my Tumblog! :)

Made this my banner in my Tumblog! :D I’m so stressed in what I am going to add in our website,eh :( So yeah.. Bye again and I’ll update this blog when I have time. :) And oh, Have a nice Vacation guys! I can smell the scent of the beach! lol.


The gif was made in Photoscape. JSYK :) If you don’t see it moving, click the picture! ;)

I know we could make it.

Sorry for not updating this blog recently. I’ve been suffering from stress. NO, WE SUFFERED from stress, sleepless nights, and pressure because of the requirements for our FINALS. Thank GOD, we had our defense but unfortunately, we need to re-defense it on Wednesday. It’s okay, I know we could make it and we will all Graduate this coming April, hopefully. *u*

Anyway, I have here three photos taken at WAWA of course. :) Cross process effect is now my favorite. Hahaha. The third photo is my cousin. I just love the wind on that day. Heeee~ Photo credits to my sister :) She took these photos eh.

A Flower.. ?

Will try to finish this soon! I’m gonna do some.. ahm, I dunno if it’s a doodle or what, but  I’m going to continue this simple flower echoz. haha :-D

A1212 – Red Ink.

Drew this one using a red pen. I love her hair. Failed in drawing snowdrops. HAHA :-)

A1112 -Waiting in Rain.

Rain or Shine, I’ll be waiting for you.. no matter what.