Hi guys! I have been nominated by Quizoxy for being one of his favorite blog to visits! Thank you very much Quizoxy. :) Even though I haven’t talked to you a lot via comments, I know you’re a good, kind, creative person as well.

It’s my first time to be nominated in such award, and thank you Quizoxy! Guys, do check his blog. He loves Anime according to his posts. *u*

Well, ahm, in order to complete this KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD, the nominees need to do:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

Thank you again Quizoxy! Continue to draw and inspire people, too!

And for fulfilling this blog entry, here are the 7 things about myself, :)

1. I love collecting cute notebooks but I never used them nor write in the pages. I only collect them for fun.

2. I write when I’m depressed. Writing seems to be a part of my life, and also drawing. That’s the way of escaping my painful reality.

3. I hate Good Bye’s but I believe that it’s not yet the END.

4. I believe in DESTINY. That everything happens for  reason. When I’m in pain, I always thought that in the end, I’ll live happily ever after.

5. I believe in FIRST INSTINCT.

6. I draw when I’m in the mood. I love shading… using pencils.

7. I enjoy being hurt. NOT physically, but EMOTIONALLY. I dunno why. *u*

So that’s it. I think it’s not interesting after all but, bear with me. :)

And for the last step, here’s the 7 top blogs for me. Don’t forget to check their blogs and follow them, kay? Enjoy!

1. Eternal Love – Serena Devi is a passionate individual, gifted poetess and artist who loves to create beauty, peace and joy. Her art is influnced by the spiritual journey to divine union, always renewed, always in change. I’ve been stalking her blog since I started blogging here on wordpress. She’s an awesome poet and artist for me.

2. ArtbyLowell –  He have been painting since 1988, and he is completely self-taught. I love his posts. EVERY post he made. I love the drawings, the coloring, the message of the posts, and many more. I have been following him for a month or two, I guess? But his posts are incredibly amazing!

3. Le Reveur – Abigail, and she’d like to be called Abbey for short, a 19 year old aspiring artist. Have interest in art, fashion, photography, books, travel and music. She love to collect notebooks (like me!), write on journals, capture moments of my life and drawing. Her artworks are amazing! Simple but elegant is the description. Very young but talented. MUST check her blog!

4. Eliza Keating – A mother, writer, and an artist. Folks of Feodora’s Lane. Sounds familiar? Check her blog. :)

5. –  A blog that contains all kinds of ARTS. Drawing, Painting, Photography, and many more.

6. Ramblings of the Purple Existence – Following her since I started blogging. I love her poems, I can relate. She’s just so young but her words are meaningful. Really a talented young writer.

7. The Other Side of Me – A blog of photography, Love, Inspiration, Thoughts, DIY, ARTS, and many more. This blog, really inspired me to make a blog, too. This blog, introduced me to blogging world.

So, that’s my nominees for KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD. Enjoy people!



      1. Yea! they illustrates amazing lives that can’t be achieve in reality and numerous graphics are worth praise and good to practice with! ^ _ ^

  1. Wow! thank you so much. You are a real sweetheart. I find your “things” very interesting, although I’m afraid I could never intentionally hurt you, sorry! Have a wonderful day, Lowell

  2. Thank you for nominating me, it’s such an honor! I’ve been caught up in life but I’ll post up an acceptance soon enough:) Thanks again for visiting my blog.

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