Sunset @ Cross Process.

This day full of mixed emotions. Happiness, Sadness, Boredom, Joy, Fear, and etc. Though I had fun, still… I know there’s something wrong.

We played with cards again. And this time, I know how to read a little, and I have now feelings when it comes to fortune telling chuchu. It’s hard to believe especially when you don’t really believe in Paranormal and Fortune Telling etc. But when you’re in the scene, you will actually try to convince yourself to believe. But anyway, just saying. The three photos doesn’t have connection with what I’m saying. Haha.

And again, we went to Wawa to feel the fresh air. I love the weather today. Not that hot and not cold, too.. Carlo, Lora, and I went there. Had so many random convo., shared some secrets and many more. :)

I really love the sunset. Haaaay. Blurry photos, I know. They were edited also. :) Cross Process,eh. :-)


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