Happy Birthday my Bhie Hannah! :)

Three pictures, with the same hats, same bracelet(?) :-D same face, same smile, same hair, same eyes, same body… and same girl. *u*

Meet Hannah Lousanne Gallo Mostacho. She’s my bhie. My supporter. My fan, and my FRIEND! :) We never had the chance to meet in person. But even tho we didn’t know each other personally, I really, really like her.

I met her through Wattpad. She commented on one of my stories there and from that day on, I started to talk to her more often. Every time she put comments on comment box, my heart really is jumping in excitement and happiness.. She open up to me her love story. She is so comfortable to talk to and she really speaks her feelings. She’s honest too and that’s the reason why I like her very much. :)

And bhie! I just wanna greet you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s a video I made for you! :*

I LOVE YOU BHIE! Napamahal ka na sa akin, you know that :) I miss you already! I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! <3 Happy Birthday again! Mwuahugs.


I love your cute smile *u*


Your mhie, Rizza Maruja :)


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