Tiny Heart-Shaped Pillows.

Hello guys! It’s been days since I last updated my blog here. I’m kinda busy nowadays because of the homeworks(?) and some other stuff. I’m also busy planning and making a memorable gift to my bhessy’s birthday on Friday. Yeee~ She’s turning 18! And I’m excited.

Well anyway, since Valentine’s Day is coming,  I’ve decided to make a Valentine Gift for my friends. This is not really what I am planning to do but I’ve been inspired to make something where my effort is very much needed — and also creativity. *u* So I made this cute, little, tiny, pillow hearts. (ugly hearts)

I know it’s not that neat when you look at it. And it doesn’t look like a tiny pillow, beacuse I also don’t have enough materials in making this ugly hearts. ^__^ And I don’t have talent in sewing! Hahaha.

Materials Needed:

1. Spare clothes.

2. Scissor.

3. Needles and Pins.

4. Thread/Yarn.

How to do:

1. Cut some heart shaped from the clothes. Make it 2 so that you will have enough for the both sides.

2. Cut the cloth into tiny pieces like in the picture. But if you have enough money to buy cottons, you don’t have to cut some. (I don’t have enough cotton at home so I only made alternative)

3. Stitch the side of the heart-shaped cloth but not all. You have to leave a hole wherein you can put the cutout cloth/cotton inside. Remember, you are going to make it look like a pillow. (If you are having trouble in sewing the edge of the cutout heart-shaped cloth, you can use the pins so that it won’t move and it’ll be easier for you to stitch it.)

4. After putting enough cloth/cottons inside, stitch the remaining hole.

and taduh! You now have a cute, little, tiny, heart-shaped pillow. *u* I’m not good in explaining but I hope you got what I said here. :D

It looks easy. But it’s NOT. I had a hard time in stitching every side of it. And I failed because it’s not that neat. Ewwww. hahaha. I am doubting if I’d give it to my friends on Valentine, or I’ll make another.

Hmmm, so this is the end of my post! I hope you guys will have a good Valentine with your love ones! Advance Happy Heart’s Day! :)



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