Magical Feeling

I love how you say my name,
and I like how you smile.
I love how you talk to me,
and lay your eyes in mine.
your voice is so unique,
and it’s the best sound I’ve ever heard.
I can’t stop thinking of you
in every minute, every day.

The static I’m feeling,
when we touch is so great.
You made me feel happy
and you take away my pain.
Though you’re not perfect
and made mistakes sometimes,
You will still be the same person,
I really, really like.

Even though I can’t show you,
I hope you’ll feel,
and though I can’t tell you this,
I hope you’ll hear.
This magical feeling of love,
I am feeling right now,
How I wish I could say to you,
so you’ll know what my heart sounds.

—- Rima :)

It’s been a year, I guess since I made a poem! I don’t have inspiration, too. Mehehehe. But now I’m back! I hope I can make more. *u*


One thought on “Magical Feeling

  1. A beautiful poem…simply beautiful. Keep writing…keep loving…it will inspire the genius in you.
    –Patty Ameno

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