Hi guys! I have been nominated by Quizoxy for being one of his favorite blog to visits! Thank you very much Quizoxy. :) Even though I haven’t talked to you a lot via comments, I know you’re a good, kind, creative person as well.

It’s my first time to be nominated in such award, and thank you Quizoxy! Guys, do check his blog. He loves Anime according to his posts. *u*

Well, ahm, in order to complete this KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD, the nominees need to do:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

Thank you again Quizoxy! Continue to draw and inspire people, too!

And for fulfilling this blog entry, here are the 7 things about myself, :)

1. I love collecting cute notebooks but I never used them nor write in the pages. I only collect them for fun.

2. I write when I’m depressed. Writing seems to be a part of my life, and also drawing. That’s the way of escaping my painful reality.

3. I hate Good Bye’s but I believe that it’s not yet the END.

4. I believe in DESTINY. That everything happens for  reason. When I’m in pain, I always thought that in the end, I’ll live happily ever after.

5. I believe in FIRST INSTINCT.

6. I draw when I’m in the mood. I love shading… using pencils.

7. I enjoy being hurt. NOT physically, but EMOTIONALLY. I dunno why. *u*

So that’s it. I think it’s not interesting after all but, bear with me. :)

And for the last step, here’s the 7 top blogs for me. Don’t forget to check their blogs and follow them, kay? Enjoy!

1. Eternal Love – Serena Devi is a passionate individual, gifted poetess and artist who loves to create beauty, peace and joy. Her art is influnced by the spiritual journey to divine union, always renewed, always in change. I’ve been stalking her blog since I started blogging here on wordpress. She’s an awesome poet and artist for me.

2. ArtbyLowell –  He have been painting since 1988, and he is completely self-taught. I love his posts. EVERY post he made. I love the drawings, the coloring, the message of the posts, and many more. I have been following him for a month or two, I guess? But his posts are incredibly amazing!

3. Le Reveur – Abigail, and she’d like to be called Abbey for short, a 19 year old aspiring artist. Have interest in art, fashion, photography, books, travel and music. She love to collect notebooks (like me!), write on journals, capture moments of my life and drawing. Her artworks are amazing! Simple but elegant is the description. Very young but talented. MUST check her blog!

4. Eliza Keating – A mother, writer, and an artist. Folks of Feodora’s Lane. Sounds familiar? Check her blog. :)

5. –  A blog that contains all kinds of ARTS. Drawing, Painting, Photography, and many more.

6. Ramblings of the Purple Existence – Following her since I started blogging. I love her poems, I can relate. She’s just so young but her words are meaningful. Really a talented young writer.

7. The Other Side of Me – A blog of photography, Love, Inspiration, Thoughts, DIY, ARTS, and many more. This blog, really inspired me to make a blog, too. This blog, introduced me to blogging world.

So, that’s my nominees for KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD. Enjoy people!


Sunset @ Cross Process.

This day full of mixed emotions. Happiness, Sadness, Boredom, Joy, Fear, and etc. Though I had fun, still… I know there’s something wrong.

We played with cards again. And this time, I know how to read a little, and I have now feelings when it comes to fortune telling chuchu. It’s hard to believe especially when you don’t really believe in Paranormal and Fortune Telling etc. But when you’re in the scene, you will actually try to convince yourself to believe. But anyway, just saying. The three photos doesn’t have connection with what I’m saying. Haha.

And again, we went to Wawa to feel the fresh air. I love the weather today. Not that hot and not cold, too.. Carlo, Lora, and I went there. Had so many random convo., shared some secrets and many more. :)

I really love the sunset. Haaaay. Blurry photos, I know. They were edited also. :) Cross Process,eh. :-)


I love the first photo. *u*

A1012 – OKAY.

I am trying to draw myself but I REALLY CAN’T. So yeah, the result became like this. Fuhahaha. This is way moooooore beautiful than me. LOL. Drew this one using Adobe Photoshop CS5. I got lazy coloring it. Ehhk. =___=

I’m Almost Done with the Designs. *u*

Meet our “Website Kuno” :) Hahaha. This website that I am making is one of the requirements for our Finals. THREE WEEKS and a half to go. I still need to add some details on the designs. Making a website using VB.NET :)

And for the codes, we haven’t started it yet. We still need to learn how to use the log-in system for the members and admin. Ugh. Mas madali kapag gagawa ka ng project sa Visual Studio. Mas kabisado ko kasi. Tssss.

Anyhow, I’m almost done with the homepage. 5 more webpages to go. XD

The photos in the designs were found in Google. Credits to the owner.


Happy Birthday my Bhie Hannah! :)

Three pictures, with the same hats, same bracelet(?) :-D same face, same smile, same hair, same eyes, same body… and same girl. *u*

Meet Hannah Lousanne Gallo Mostacho. She’s my bhie. My supporter. My fan, and my FRIEND! :) We never had the chance to meet in person. But even tho we didn’t know each other personally, I really, really like her.

I met her through Wattpad. She commented on one of my stories there and from that day on, I started to talk to her more often. Every time she put comments on comment box, my heart really is jumping in excitement and happiness.. She open up to me her love story. She is so comfortable to talk to and she really speaks her feelings. She’s honest too and that’s the reason why I like her very much. :)

And bhie! I just wanna greet you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s a video I made for you! :*

I LOVE YOU BHIE! Napamahal ka na sa akin, you know that :) I miss you already! I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! <3 Happy Birthday again! Mwuahugs.


I love your cute smile *u*


Your mhie, Rizza Maruja :)

A912 – My Ryo <3

Experimenting with photoshop. I wanna practice more! I am really jealous to those who’s good at digital painting. /wrist

Meet Ryo Nishikido. I really do love this guy. Mehehehe :3 And oh, I have a base but it’s only color grey. I want to practice mooooore! Coloring in Photoshop *u*

Happy Heart’s DAY!

I hope everyone is happy this Valentines, loveless or not, God and your family and friends are still there to celebrate Valentines with. Take care every one! *u*


A812 – Thinking of You

Got bored and made this drawing early in the morning. Actually they were three. But i’m gonna upload the other two next time. *u*

Birthday Gift For my Bhessy.

Since I don’t have enough money to buy an expensive gift for my bhessy, I decided to make a special letter. Since she’s 18 now, I have listed 18 things I love about her. :)

Materials Used: Craft Paper, Crepe paper for the petals, Glue, Scissor, Coloring materials, Pictures needed, and stapler.

We don’t have magazines. My daddy already threw them away. I wanted my gift to look like a scrap book or something. But I failed. :(

Tho I love the result, it looked like a work of a kindergarten. HAHAHA. Errrr. I just need some more practice and also materials too. ;P I hope she’ll appreciate this even tho it’s ugly.