A512 – Simple Gray

I did some sketching tonight while doing some ojt works. I got bored finding venues, catering etc for the party. *u*

Sketched it on paper. Colored it on Photoshop *u*

I became lazy in coloring so I made it GRAY. Hehehe. Here’s the original drawing!

So plain so I did some changes. But I love the result. :) Though the original drawing looks cuter. Right? :)


This is “something”, I WILL Miss.

I try to find the old messages on my message board sa Wattpad pero wala na. :( Huhuhuhu. Even the PM’s. Why bhie? I will miss you talaga sa Wattpad! :(

Haaaaaaaayst. Your comments, even your stories, too! It gives me motivations, you know? :( Ayan tuloy.. I’m in hiatus mode for 1 month coz of you! ’tis your fault. (Naaah, kidding *u* I planned to be in a hiatus mode naman talaga in Wattpad and try to find inner peace in writing).


Sorry if I borrowed your photo without permission ah? :) Iloveyah bhie! *u*