A412 – Photoshop Experiment.

Artwork#4in2012. Yay! I am practicing this one for almost a week! I saw it on ate Crissey’s blog tutorial on Tumblr and been trying to do some~~ and Yeahoooooo! I think I made it. Though it’s ugly. Mehehe

Here’s my work. Who’s the model? Well, it’s my sister! Mehehez. The right side is the original photo. And the left side is the one photoshoped. I really planned to make her sooooo cartoony. And I think I succeed. *u* She now looks like a character in a comic strip. I also did some changes. And heeee~ Maybe If I’ll practice more, I can make something like this too! Look at the photo below.

Ate Crissey made it! And hey, sorry if I borrow your photo without permission. But I linked it on your blog. *u* You inspired meeee so much!

So, til next time! ^___^


4 thoughts on “A412 – Photoshop Experiment.

    1. Hehehehe. She said thank you for the compliment! *u* You can try it anytime! But she said she’s shy. hehehe. Just kidding. :) And thank ou mr. Lowell! Your paintings as well are wonderful!

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