To the Person Who’ll Love Me…

To the person who’ll love me,

Hi, how are you? Are you having trouble finding me? I wonder what keeping you so long? Are you on your way now? Please hurry, I want to be with you.. soon.

But if you’re busy doing other important things, it’s okay. I understand. I’ll be waiting for you no matter what. I know you’re doing it for our own future, right? Take your time.. It’s okay.

And,  if you ever found me, please… JUST PLEASE, take good care of me. I may be stubborn and act like a child sometimes but don’t you ever get tired of me, kay? Have patience with me. And if ever I’m alone, please HUG ME. If ever I will feel like crying, please cry with me too. I want you to be my crying shoulder.

When we walk at streets, hold my hand. I just want to make everybody knows that you’re mine and ONLY MINE. When we talk, say the words I want to hear. I want you to feed me with sweet words and It’ll be more than enough for me. When I’m sick, visit me at home an I’m sure I will feel good. Be my vitamins.

And don’t you even think to hurt me. You know how I will feel if you do that. And one more thing…


It’ll be worth waiting if you do that.

So, to the one who will love me, take care to your journey towards me! And see you soon…



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