Strobe Edge *u* New Manga I’m Reading

I discovered this manga while reading also another manga entitled “Ao Haru Ride” :) I searched it on youtube and I saw one trailer… I thought it was Ao Haru Ride but it’s not though the leading man in the story has same looks in Ao Haru Ride.

I love the character REN-KUN! :D He’s cool, really!

Ninako and Ren. :) I like them. But sad to say, Ren has a girlfriend. :( Huhuhu.

Andou and Ren! I don’t know what happened. My sister read it first, I hate it. She’s on chapter 8 already and Im still on chapter 6. Hmp. But anyway, I’ll read it later after updating FOS and 100 Airplanes . *u*

I won’t give any much spoiler, if you haven’t read it guys, you MUST read it! :)


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