New Year’s Resolution of 2012

I don’t usually make a New Year’s Resolution but since I want change, and in a few more hours It’s 2011 already, I’ll make one.

In the past few months, and in the whole year of 2011, I know that I did something that many people got annoyed. I did things I shouldn’t, I didn’t do things I should, and so many false move I made. So in this coming year, I want to face my life in a way I that I could say I improved (even a little). So let’s start! What would be the first? :) Hmmm…


1. No to Haircut!

Oryt! This past year (2011), I almost had a super short hair! Almost every month, or let’s say every 2months, I am having a haircut. I dunno why, maybe stressed? :) They say that when you’re stressed, cut your hair! and It’ll lighten up your mood. I can’t see the connection though but many girls that I know is getting their haircut when they are stress or depress. So, maybe this coming year, I will lessen time having a haircut.


2. Focus on Studies.

I super need this. Hehehe. This past year, I uhm.. Okay, let’s say that I didn’t focus on my studies. Petiks, petiks they say. I really didn’t feel the second sem! I was bored. I even didn’t do my best in every home works my professor gave us. I became Addicted also to other things and I forgot to study hard. It’s not that I got low grades, It’s just… I think I should do my best and do harder in every performance I will do this coming year. So, hope I can! ;)


3. Lessen the usage of Internet.


I use the internet almost EVERY HOUR. I use Internet every day and that’s the reason daddy got mad at me. I locked myself in my room and faced my laptop almost WHOLE DAY. I became lazy. I sometimes forgot to do my home works, forgot to take a bath, and even skipped meals. That’s why this coming year, I should learn how to control the usage of the Internet. :)


4. Hold my Temper/Longer my Patience.

In the past 2011, I get mad easily. “Highblood ka lagi!” They say. Yeah I am masungit and always puckish my forehead and I get easily annoyed by someone who is sooooo annoying naman talaga. I don’t talk to anybody when I am mad. That’s why they always ignore me at home because they think that I will be angry and get mad again. So I don’t talk often at home. Even a small thing can cause annoyance to me. I don’t know. I have a short temper eh. I don’t want to wait. I hate waiting for someone. I hate turtle people. Mehehehez.  But I’ll try to hold my temper longer than I can. My sister request this to me, too. Hohoho.


5. Find Time to myself.

I just noticed that I turned out to be a hairwoman (ugly for short) I gain weights, too! (that’s why I can’t wear dresses I want to wear :( ) I forgot to find time to myself in the past year. So I am looking forward to find time to myself in the coming year(s). I will eat healthy foods, drink healthy drinks. Clean myself a lot. (I admit that I am lazy in doing this. Kinda disgusting, I know) I also forgot to be happy. I had lots of problems but thank God it was solved. I felt empty too. And I dissatisfied myself for some reasons. Haaayst.


6. Finish my 2 On-Going stories and be in a hiatus mode.

O yeas, I have 2 ongoing stories now in Wattpad and I want to finish it soon! After finishing that stories, I think I should need a break. I’ll be hiatus in writing. As I said before, I want to focus on my studies and set aside other things. I think I will write again when everything is fine na. I mean, since I am a graduating student, I should prioritize studying since we will have a thesis this coming months. Then after graduation, If ever, I will find work. I want to have a work and earn money. So I am hoping that I can finish my stories by the end of January. *u*


7. Bring myself back to Arts.

 In the past year, I forgot how to hold pencil and eraser so…:) I want to bring my old self. An Artistic, Art-lover person. Ano daw? xD I want to do arts in every thing I’ll do. I want to apply arts in the machine problems/home works that I will encounter soon! And also, I want to make an ART blog which I’ll post my recent art works. Maybe I’ll change this blog into an Art Blog since I am posting now lots of my art works.
8. Bring myself back to the Lord.
I encountered many problems. I even thought of killing myself. (and yes I am ashamed of it) In the whole year, I didn’t attend mass every Sunday. (I only did when there is an occasion. e.g. Christmas) But I DO PRAY. I just.. can’t go to church every Sunday. Since our Lila died, I never come to church to attend masses. I became lazy in doing that. But there’s nothing changed. I still believe in HIM. But since 2011 is ending, and 2012 is coming, I will try my best to find time not only to myself but to HIM, also. I’ll ask for forgiveness and second chance.. I’ll bring myself back to GOD. ♥
9. Save Money!

My fortune in money is not good. Year of the Dog, in the year of the Dragon. My horoscope says, Avoid borrowing money. And I’ll do that! Nyahaha. In the past year, I always borrow money to Ate Seth and Mommy. I always lacking of budget and I don’t know why. I should lessen buying foods, and nonsense things. I’ll save money for myself. So that I won’t borrow money from others. *u*


10. DIET!

And for my last list!!…taduuhhh!

my undying plan of DIET! Fuhahaha. 1 year, 2 years, 3, 4, 5 years have passed, this is still on my list! Arg. I have a problem in dieting. I plan to diet and not to eat much but i end up being frustrated. Haaayst. I hope this year i’ll change. I am hoping that I will decrease weight *u* *hopingggg..*


So, this is my resolution for the coming year and I am hoping that I can put check beside on all numbers after. *u* Pfuuu! :3 Happy New Year guys! Lots of Love! <3



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