Post number I don’t know. -__-

It’s been two days since my Mama left and went to our Province in Gadu, Sulana, Cagayan. (not really sure if that’s the name.) ^u^

That’s why, me, my big bro, and my little sister were the only one left in the house. We woke up in the morning every 7am then my big bro will prepare breakfast for us. My little sis will do the dishes then I am the one who will sweep and brush the floor. I will clean the room then viola! I will face my laptop then I will read some stories in Wattpad,update my stories, and other statuses in my social networks then … I will face my laptop again.

This is our routine in the 2 days that Mama was not home. I am really thinking what would be our lifestyle if she totally go back to Singapore. LOL. Oh and I haven’t told you that we moved houses and we are now far… (i mean, free) from my Daddy’s loud voice every morning. (or I must say every minute. ^^) But I kinda miss them, too! I want to sleep again there in my old room as I do before. I miss mommy na.. I miss my dirty old room filled with pictures and my artworks. Haaay.

By the way, I just passed by here to update you all on what is happening though I know you don’t care. Hahaha.


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