And for my 185th POST!

This post should be a poem but I think it came up as a… Uhm… I dunno what. :)



I Hate”


I hate the way you smile at me and the way you look into my eyes.

I hate the time when you’re so close and yet you’re so out of my sight.

I hate the way you laugh at my jokes coz it makes me fall for you more.

I hate it every time I hear your voice coz you only makes me realize that you’re the one that I am looking for.

I hate it, when you’re so near and it makes my heart beat so fast.

I hate it, when my skin touches yours and my face suddenly blushed.


I hate it when you mention her name when the one you’re with, is ME.

I hate you when you look me as a friend not knowing I’m hurt and I only waiting for you to see it.

I hate this feeling coz I know anytime, my heart might die because of you.

I also hate myself for loving a close friend like you…..

I also hate the fact that… No matter what happen…

You can’t love me back like the way I love you..




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