My Niece’s Birthdays ^___^

Last Sunday, we celebrated the First Birthday of Sahxia and the 8th Birthday of Habibi. (They’re my niece) at McDonalds Ortigas Avenue Extension (2nd floor). The venue was so nice and kinda big. Exactly for the visitors. We had a very HAPPY celebration and a TIRING day. But thank GOD the party became successful.

Good bye 13k! ;)

Oh and by the way, I was the photographer that day. And here are the photos I took being a “frustrated-Photographer-of-the-day” muwhahaha.


The tarp. Actually, I don’t like the designs. I’m kinda dissatisfied. x

Fulgar Family. Sahxia (the baby), Sophia (the one wearing dress) and their mommy and Daddy ^^ And look at Ate Shi!(Their Mommy) Her eyes were closed. FAIL! xD

Fulgar Family also. Hohoho. They’re their cousin! Ansi( wearing red) and Kiko (wearing gray) are Sahxia and Habibi’s cousin. And Kuya nog, their father and Kuya Dex (hbb&Sahxia’s Daddy) are siblings. ^^

And oh, It’s Onang(my sister) ME, and Mommy. hehehe I look cute here :”3

Ad taduh!! The cakes. BOW *u*

Blue Balloon ^^ I forgot to take home one but luckily I took a picture of it ^^

The game has started ! \m/

Look at uh.. what’s her name? (I’m referring to the bird ^^) but anyway, I’ll call her ANGRY BIRD! (xD)and McDolnald! ^^

Ate Belen and Kiko :3 They are making the highest tower using a plastic cup. :3 they’re supposed to be the winner  but the cups suddenly fell down. :(

Hi Sahxia! ^__^

Habibi is cute here ^^ And oh, I’m the one who do the ‘light’ make-up on her face ^^

You’re so cute Chii!! ^_^

And my sister :) We’re taking each other’s PHOTO here.  Hahaha xD

And here are the random photos I took.  ^.^ So, can I be a photographer too? :)))


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