Day 10 – Flowers


All souls day is near. So, we decided to get our lola’s Urn at Holy Gardens Memorial Park yesterday. We bought some flowers at a flower shop then placed it beside lola’s urn.



Sorry for the blurred images. I only used cellphone. :D





I am really proud of myself. :) This is my first time to color my drawing in a photoshop. I was inspired by linuskew‘s art in DA. check her works! They’re awesome. 

And do, I practiced coloring a very simple drawing of mine. here’s the draft!

Kinda small though. And so, i decided to color it to photoshop. And taduh! The finished product is above. :D



Day 9 – Something Fun

Something fun :)

O yeas. For me, Collecting cute notebooks are fun.. (I’m not using it. I just collect them and keep them). I don’t know, I’m happy that i have those cute notebooks. (I’m planning to buy more.) \(m)/

And.. oh here, I post a picture of my color pencils :) Hmm. Drawing and coloring is fun for me since I love arts. :) I love mixing and experimenting colors. :D




Day 8 – Something I Made

Tadah!! :) My favorite Tshirt (Ngayon) I’m the one who made the designs! Hahaha. They say It’s cute but I’m not satisfied. :D Hindi naman kasi ganyan talaga dapat ang hitsura niyan eh x|





So, there’s a news that Erich Gonzales is the chosen LUCKY girl to be the next MARIO MAURE’S ew leading lady! (OEHHM! She’s so lucky! ) And the rumors said that the title of the UPCOMING movie is…


But still tentative though. And it’s yet FINAL. (But still looking forward or this to happen!)


Thai actor Mario Maurer inked a one-movie contract with Star Cinema shortly after his arrival on Wednesday, and it has also been confirmed that his leading lady for said flick will indeed be Erich Gonzales.

Recall that a rumor alleging their purported pairing first circulated among various social networking sites in late July this year. In reaction to this, Gonzales said during a press conference last July, “Sa ngayon po ay hindi pa napag-uusapan, pero happy ako na matuloy ‘yan, ‘yung ma-consider lang sobrang happy ako, masaya po ako at salamat po sa kanila [fans], tignan po natin kung matutuloy po.”

For his part, Maurer told ABS-CBN in an interview after his contract signing, “I have never met her [Erich] but I’m looking forward to meeting her.”

The actor also shared that the movie, titled “Suddenly It’s Magic,” will mostly be filmed in Thailand and “a part of it will be shot in the Philippines.” No other details have been reported yet as of this writing.

Maurer first made waves in the Philippines after his 2010 movie “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was screened on local TV a few months back. Prior to this, his performance in his less popular – at least in the Philippines – debut film “Love of Siam” (2007) earned him a Best Actor nod in the Cinemanila International Film Festival 2008.

Meanwhile, Maurer said in a separate report by PEP published on Oct.26 that he’s “very surprised” when he saw the huge amount of Filipino fans that came out to meet him.

“I didn’t think I have this amount of fans in the Philippines,” he admitted.


There you go! I’m so excited!!

Credits to

Please do check their blog! :D


Yeah, I was so happy that I made this! Hohoho. It’s my first time using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5 in editing something like this. I think I am inspired in editing some photos since I’m the one who made the design of our SC Tshirt. (but of course I got the idea from someone) But I’l still proud of myself! Hihihi. :3




Day 6 & 7 – Technology and Something New

Ola! I decided to post this as one! :D So… here’s  the photo.

Technology – Honestly speaking, I don’t know what to post about technology. lol. So here’s AYS (my laptop) and my cellphone. :) They’re technology, right? hahaha. :P

Something New – Oh yeah! I bought yesterday that plastic thingy on the keyboard :D Laptop Keyboard protector they say. But since it’s on AYS, I’ll call it, AYS Keboard Protector. Yeee :”>

Day 5 – Childhood Memory

i have two(2) pictures here. One is my Mommy(auntie) is carrying me here during my 1st birthday, and the other one is a child sitting on a swing.

The first photo reminds me of my childhood days. I missed mommy’s caress. I missed her hug. I missed her kiss. I missed her.

And for the second photo, hmmm.. I took this one at m favorite place. (wawa) Wala lang namiss ko lang kasing tumambay sa swing. Nakakawala kasi ng problema kapag nakaupo ako don. ewan ko ba, ako lang siguro nag-iisip nun. Mababaw kasi akong tao. Lahat na lang may meaning sa `kin. :)




Day 3 – Favorite Color

Ola! I’m on my day three. :) So, there you go. My favorite color(s) — with S! :) I have two favorite color. RED and BLUE. Why? Hmmm. I love RED. Coz it’s the color of my MONTH. (color of MY birthstone “Ruby”). And for the blue..Ahh… I found it COOL. yeah. I loved first the color blue. then as time goes by, I realized that I also love the color red. Hihihi.



Day 2 – Clouds

This clouds were taken through the window. I used the cam here. Luckily, hindi nagloko ang cam. :) 

and lastly, this is my favorite shot. It was taken at WAWA (my favorite place) i think last last month? Look at the sky! Look at the clouds. They’re lovely :)