Happy Grandparents Day!

Dear Lola Flora,

Happy Grandparents day! Today is your day as a great and awesome grandparent to us. You know how much we missed you, right?

Well, though you can’t read this message that I am about to say, I still want to tell this to the world and for them to know that we HAD even for once a GREAT, AWESOME, COOL and BEAUTIFUL Grandmother like you!

We really miss you badly lola. There’s so many memories you brought us and it’s all good, you know that. That’s why still now, it’s hard for us to accept the fact that we can never have a chance to talk to you again just like before. I really missed you! WE REALLY DO.

Well, I just want to say that you have done you BEST Part in our life by simply being a Grandma to all of your 27 grandchildren.. You did a great job by taking care of us since we were little. You gave your 100% effort by watching every step of us towards to a brighter future… and I am saying thank you for doing that.

And now that you’re at peace and I know that you’re happy now with His HANDS, I am now relieved.

But please don’t forget to watch over us huh?

I love you lola!


Happy Grandparents day to you!

Love lots,

Ri Ma ;)

this picture were taken during her LAST birthday last year. I really do miss my lola. ;(

This was me in my graduation when I was in kinder. She always there for me in all special events in my life. But sad to say, she cant come this coming graduation in college. ;( (if I graduate)


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