400 to 500 Data Entry Specialist Needed ASAP

To:   ACLC Taytay Graduates


Kindly be informed that IBM is in search of 400 to 500 Data Entry Specialist for immediate deployment at the UP Ayala Technohub Office along Commonwealth Avenue . In this connection, we urge everyone concerned to inform/contact our graduates as well as graduating students for this excellent employment opportunity.


IBM HR personnel will make their selection and hiring process on September 9, 2011 (Friday), 9am to 5pm at ACLC Commonwealth (2nf Flr. Lenjul Bldg. Blk.11 lot 20 Commonwealth Ave. , Brgy. Holy Spirit, Q.C.).  Successful applicants will be assigned to a 6am – 3pm shift, Monday to Friday.


Applicants must be alert of the following:


1.  Bring at least 3 copies of their resume;

2.  Come in presentable outfit;

3.  Come on time (first come first serve basis); and

3.  Bring own pen


Thank you and God bless!



by: Miss Marelene Eguaras

ACLC Taytay’s School director.



I just wanted to repost it here. Maybe I could help through this way. ACLCnians! Apply now! ;)







One thought on “400 to 500 Data Entry Specialist Needed ASAP

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