Sash Making

I forgot to upload this one. Actually, we made the sash 3 days ago. Me and Ate Seth volunteered to make sash for “Mr. Handsome and Ms. Beautiful” of our school. So, I went to Ate Seth’s house and we made the sash there. Wanna see?

Here’s how we look like while making the sash! (grabe bang kalaaat! xD)


Ate Seth is putting some glitters on the Ribbon in this picture ^^

I’m sorry for not rotating it. ^^ But you see the paper? That’s our pattern in lettering the Sash.

As you can see, I’m putting some glitters here ^^ It’s my hand. hehehe

In this picture, we’ve finished in making the sash of three major awards. The Miss Beautiful, the second runner up, and the first runner up.

The minor awards together with “Mr Handsome” there over there. HAHA (Mas mukha pag major yung mga minor eh ^^)

And tuh duh! Here’s the finish product! Sorry for the blurry effects coz I only used my Phone in taking pictures of them. hihihi

Actually, It’s not yet done. We decided to add some designs tomorrow. So I can’t say that we are already done in making the sash. But I love the looks now. It’s so simple yet fasacinating, (for me huh.)


6 thoughts on “Sash Making

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