SC’s First Major Project ^^

Yehey! We managed the event well. :) It’s our first project for this month being elected as a Student Council.

“ACLC’s Got Talent and Pre-pageant 2011” was the title. Though I didn’t got the chance to take a picture of the candidates, I took a picture of us (SC’s) doing the props :) Here it is …

(at the window, it’s Geneva and ate Ruzel ^^)

In this picture, we’re painting the “Barn” kuno with brown water-based paint. ^^ It’s Sir Oliver Villarosa, our SC adviser holding a brush.

Waah! It’s me over there at the door “kuno” at it’s Russel and Geneva right at the window ^^ We took a picture first before we started painting it.

Tadaaah! It’s way too fast, huh? hehehe. We finished it! Yehey! :) I added some black paint for the details on the Carton for it will look like a sort of a lumber, and we put the letters that we made yesterday. Hehehe It’s not that beautiful but I think it’s Okay.

And another tuh-duh!! :) It’s me again! (with green polo shirt) and it’s Antonette! She’s cute, right? hehe.

Bwahaha. Picture mode na eh :) It’s tonette and Russel!

So, the program was good. Though we’re very very TIRED! Ugh. I’m still happy cause we survived and we succeed in running a program like this. Thanks to our advisers and all the instructors who helped us in doing this program. Thank you! Thank you! :*


3 thoughts on “SC’s First Major Project ^^

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