Accessories, eh?

I was cleaning my drawer when I saw these things. Uhm, It’s mine actually. But I don’t feel like using them. It’s just like, when I’m wearing them, it is NOT ME. I’m not girly you know. But I do collect them. I didn’t bought them at the first place. All of them were only given to me as a gift. LOL. I don’t have money to buy those kind of things. but i found them cute ^^


Sundae – Roller Coaster Toppings ^^

My bhez Irene and I attended the JSOS 19th Anniversary today. After that, we went to my Grandma in Holy Gardens and went to 7 Eleven to buy a snack.

We bought a Sundae and Roller Coaster to eat. While eating, we decided to put some Roller Coaster on the top of our Sundae’s. At first, I am not sure what will it tastes like but after I ate it, it’s sooo YUMMY! :) Try it guys! It’s delicious for me and I don’t know if you will like it too. hol :)

Cutes ^^

Credits: CherryBam

Feeling Blue


Since it was raining today, I don’t feel like doing anything.

Actually, today is my friend’s birthday and she invited me to come. But I don’t feel like having fun today.. I just feel blue. So I didn’t come.

I feel tired. I feel haggard. I feel bad mood. I feel sick tho I’m not. Maybe one of the reason is HIM. Yeah. I am becoming like this because of him, and I don’t like it.

Sash Making

I forgot to upload this one. Actually, we made the sash 3 days ago. Me and Ate Seth volunteered to make sash for “Mr. Handsome and Ms. Beautiful” of our school. So, I went to Ate Seth’s house and we made the sash there. Wanna see?

Here’s how we look like while making the sash! (grabe bang kalaaat! xD)


Ate Seth is putting some glitters on the Ribbon in this picture ^^

I’m sorry for not rotating it. ^^ But you see the paper? That’s our pattern in lettering the Sash.

As you can see, I’m putting some glitters here ^^ It’s my hand. hehehe

In this picture, we’ve finished in making the sash of three major awards. The Miss Beautiful, the second runner up, and the first runner up.

The minor awards together with “Mr Handsome” there over there. HAHA (Mas mukha pag major yung mga minor eh ^^)

And tuh duh! Here’s the finish product! Sorry for the blurry effects coz I only used my Phone in taking pictures of them. hihihi

Actually, It’s not yet done. We decided to add some designs tomorrow. So I can’t say that we are already done in making the sash. But I love the looks now. It’s so simple yet fasacinating, (for me huh.)

Colors ^^

I just finished painting the props for the stage for the upcoming Acquaintance Party this Friday. Wanna see what I did? Take a look. ^^



There are only 6 available colors. Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow and Brown. I just mixed the colors Orange, White, and Brown to have a Skin tone color. ^^ hehehe.

I’m sorry I just took 2 pictures of it. :)



My Concert :D (part 2)

Here’s another one! LOL

Close your eyes again pips! :D




Please don’t throw me tomatoes, okay? XD lels

My Concert :D LOL

Wanna see me singing?! :D Hahaha.

Watch this! I only uploaded one song xD I’ll upload the rest next time! :D hahaha




just ignore the face ha! :D Please close your eyes. LOL


Pwede ba na … Ibalik na lang ang lahat sa dati?

This is a tagalog post.

Oo nga. Hindi ba pwedeng ibalik na lang ang lahat sa dati?

Ang dami na kasing nagbago.

Mula sa pananamit, pananalita, at kung anu-ano pa.

Ang dami nang nagbago. Hindi na katulad ng dati…

Kahapon, nagkayayaan kami sa SM na magkakaibigan. Ewan ko kung bakit napunta dun yung usapan.

Ang tanong, “Kung bibigyan ka ng isan wish, ano yun?” Siyempre, madaming pumasok sa isip ko. PERO, ang kaisa-isang gustong sabihin ng bibig ko eh “Sana bumalik ang lahat sa dati.”

Yung tipong masaya pa ako at maayos pa ang lahat.

Yung tipong  hindi ko pa alam yung salitang “MASAKIT”.

Yung tipong palagi pang nakangiti yung mga tao sa paligid ko.

Ewan ko ba. Hindi naman sa hindi ako masaya pero parang hindi ito yung gusto kong mangyari eh. Kumbaga, nalulungkot ako kasi hindi ko na nararansan yung kasiyahan na nararanasan ko pa noon.

Hindi naman sa selfish ako at gusto kong umayon na lang ang lahat sa gusto ko pero… PARANG unfair naman sa akin. Ilang beses ko nang pinagdadasal na sana eh kung hindi man bumalik ang lahat sa dati eh, “MAGING MAAYOS NA  LANG ANG LAHAT.” nang sa gayon eh kahit papano eh maging masaya na ulit ako.

Para kasing hindi tama yung mga nangyayari.

Hindi ko lang masabi pero minsan nahihirapan na ako sa sitwasiyon.

Ayokong sabihin sa iba pero, minsan parang hindi ko na kayang itago pa.

Maraming gumugulo sa isipan ko pero ayoko na lang dalhin sa ibang lugar kasi alam kong hindi ko naman masasabi sa kanila yung mga iniisip ko. Alam kong may mga kaibigan ako pero alam ko din naman sa hindi sa lahat ng oras eh masasabi ko sa kanila yung nararamdaman ko. kaya minsan, hindi na lang ako nagsasalita. Kasi ayoko na din naman na masanay yung sarili ko na kapag may problema ako eh nanjan sila para damayan ako.


Alam kong hindi tama na sabihin ko ito dito pero wala na kasi akong iba pang mapag sasabihan. >.<

Nahihirapan na ako sa nararamdaman ko pero wala akong magawa kundi tiisin yun.

Madaming meaning yan. Pwedeng dun at pwede din naman dun.



Kelan kaya magbabalik yung dati?

Kelan kaya magiging maayos ang lahat?

Kelan kaya ako magiging masaya ulit?

kelan kaya?




New Stuffs ^3^

I got a Strawberry Popsicle Stuff toy and for my sister was a Pink PIG! (I was mistaken. I thought it was a Bunny. HAHA) :) From our Mama and Ate Jen came all the way from Singapore.

Ahh! A Wallet and a Keychain for me! Yeehee. I love the heart Key chain! I really love Key Chains! They’re my collections ^^

Oh! I was surprised when I opened it! A Mirror  Key Chain!

Haa! a planner notebook! I find it cute so I took it. Hihihih ^_^

tuh duh! Another PINK! I have a pink slippers! Hihihihi.

I love this day. I got some new Stuffs from Mama! I got some new clothes, too! har har har. Though I hate pink, i still like it. HAHA. It’s from my Mama, of course!…

Thank you, Mama!