I am hurt.

Dear Worpy (Worpdress),


I am sorry but I really don’t feel like blogging these past few days, and sorry for keeping you not updated. Well, I have something to tell you.

This is not very important but I just wanna express my feelings through blogging here.

I don’t really understand myself. No words can actually explain what I feel today. I am happy though there’s something inside me that tells me to be sad. I am Okay, and feeling fine but there’s something that keeps on bugging me to cry. I really hate this feeling.

Hey worpy! I’ve got to tell you something.. Could you please Keep it for me? It’s really hard to keep it by myself, you know. I want to tell this to someone but I just can’t. Yeah one of my closest friends knew about this but I really want to tell this to you.. Please keep this thing as a secret, huh? Thank you worpy.

So you see, I like this friend of mine. I don’t know if it is still like or it’s love, and I don’t care about my feelings. `coz you see, he likes someone else… and the worst? the person which he like is one of my closest friend. It hurts for me… but I know I shouldn’t. I am only a friend, and he doesn’t even know that I like/love him… but still.. I am HURT.

It’s not that easy you know.. Pretending to be fine.. but I can still handle it.


So Worpy, please keep our secret huh? I won’t name names `coz I don’t want him to know about this thing. But please keep it for me. Thank you worpy ^__^



Ri Ma





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