Dear WordPress….

Hi! It’s me, the author…


I am very, very sorry for not updating you for the past few days, or weeks…. You see, I am very busy doing some stories for my Wattpad account and y’know that this is my much-awaited-dream —- To publish my Stories — But I’ll promise you that this coming weeks or days, I’ll update you every minute. (i’m being Exaggerated at this point in time). I’m sorry for ignoring you and sometimes, I forgot to visit you even for a minute.


Please do keep my promise and I’l make sure that I’ll do that.


Thank you… :)





(So, wala kasi talaga akong maisip na i-blog ngayong mga nakaraang araw. ^__^ Sorry WP! :) )


Check out my Stories : Rizza Maruja’s Wattpad

Available only in Tagalog/Filipino






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