A Cancer Fairy

Since I was born Cancer, I am in love with the drawings of  a moonflower. That’s why, I always draw some of it, and this is my latest drawing.

I made it a while ago while taking care of my sleeping niece on her room. I almost made it 2hrs. Well, this is it. First, it’s only a draft of course. I used a Mongol Pencil no.2 (I don’t have enough drawing materials, so I only used an ordinary pencil)

Then I started to color it. I only used color pencils, and my mood is still not good during that time that’s why it looked pale for me. :O

And taduh! I am finished coloring it. But am not satisfied, so I add some shades to the hair and I fill the background with color green. So, this is the result…

But then again, I feel a little regret `coz of the result on the hair. I think that the first one is much better than this one. But it’s okay. I made another Masterpiece of mine! :) I did so many changes, and this is the result. I LOVE IT.


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