AGAPE – ACLC Film Fest Entry

I just wanted to share the master piece of 1B1P ACLC Taytay Students. We made it last Year between the month of August or September if I am not Mistaken. I am proud to say that this is a good film made by the 1st year students of ACLC last year. It won the Major awards for being the Best Film , Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress in the Awards Night held at the 3rd floor Manila East bldg. Taytay, Rizal.

I must say that being the director and the Camera Girl at the same time is hard. You must be patient enough to shoot and take many times of the scenes if there were mistakes, BUT all of those hardship that I had or I must say– WE had — together with my Classmates who did a very, very good act in the movie and who cooperated with me, had gone and changed into a BIG SMILE and relieved us when the awards night came.

Actually, we just had a short time to do the movie. It’s our project and  the Final Examination in English that’s why we made it. Now I know the feeling of a Director. It’s hard though, it really feels good, and I am very happy when I won the Best Director award that night. It’s like that, MY DREAM TO BECOME A REAL DIRECTOR CAME TRUE.

Not only that. We don’t have enough budget to find a good materials for the making of the movie. My Aunt’s Digicam is the only one we used in order to took the scenes. We’re poor. None of us have a Video Camera. But it’s okay. WE DID SUCCEED in the end…

And so, if you’re curious of what I am talking about, Here’s the movie and watch.




*Sorry for the bad video quality. We only used DigiCam :'(


Credits: Aivhyjho


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