This is NOT my Day.

It’s raining today. And I hate it. I hate rain (Not exactly) But I really, really hate the weather today. Actually, it’s not the rain’s fault. It’s ME, who’s to be blame for the bad things that is happening to me. Yeah. They were many, and I don’t wanna mention THEM anymore.

Because it’s raining, I can’t do the things I should be doing right at this very moment. BUT WHAT? Am just typing the nonsense things that is happening to me RIGHT NOW. *sigh* I am disappointed to myself, and worse, I can’t do nothing about it! :'(

And so, I really. really want to do this :

5 Things I should be doing Right now.

1. Attending “SOW” because we have pictorials for the ID’s of Kuya Migz’ partylist.

2. Studying “Beep Codes” and other terminologies about Basic Computer Technician.

3. Enjoying the Rain (though I don’t like it much`coz of the muddy part) together with my friends.

4. Glancing at Kuya Migz’ presentation.


I hate being the dish washer, baby sitter and the house keeper for this day. So tomorrow, I will go to Brgy. as early as 1pm just because I don’t want this to happen AGAIN. I wasted my precious hours doing nothing! GAAAADDD..

Well I guess, This is not my day. :O


2 thoughts on “This is NOT my Day.

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