ACLTCL Did Great. But I’m a Little bit Disappointed.

Today, ABS-CBN aired A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and yeah, It did succeed because many people including ME watched the movie BUT, I was a little bit disappointed to the “Dubbing” of the characters. And not only that, I also hate that they did many Cuts to the movie (Especially the Funny parts) *sigh but it’s okay. I am happy for Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok for having more more fans! :) Congratulations! More supports from me! I love you guys! :) (My family also watch the movie) ahehehe.

Who among you have watched the movie?  I hope you like it. ^^


5 thoughts on “ACLTCL Did Great. But I’m a Little bit Disappointed.

  1. Saw the movie. In terms of the dubbing,thais have a different accent as compared to us filipinos. Kung ginaya totally ung dubbing, mas magmumukhang trying hard. Dun naman sa cutting, wala taung magagawa. Free-to-air channel ang abs. Di tau nagbabayad per channel but per cable plan. Bumabawi lang sila sa advertising. Bili nalang ng original dvd. Yun walang cut. I dub nyo nalang din para wala kaung ibang sisisihin kundi sarili nyo. LOL.

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